SMFlink was founded as a dream link to clients’ business dream. The goal of the company has always been to provide customers with high-quality parts and short lead times. Peter and his team have experienced steady growth by providing excellent service, short lead times, and rapid response to the needs of our customers. Since the beginning, the company has built its propose to help and work together with clients to realize a business dream. As more and more people have their dream to create the world better by their talent and they need support from the manufacturer and good resources. As your agent in China, SMFL will help you to save cost and energy that you will have full power to focus on your business success.

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What we can do:

A: Sheet metal fabrication: for steel, stainless steel, aluminum or brass/copper sheet.

B:CNC milling or casting for steel, steel, stainless steel, aluminum or brass/copper

C: Plastic fabrication or casting, as custom required.

D; OEM design for 2D, 3D. We will make drawings for you if you have clear ideas.

E; Resourcings: Matching the requirements around the metal parts, like cable, fans, plastic, toys, glasses,

Why choose us:

A; We are professional for manufacturer and designer as we have experienced engineer to help to complete every project..

B: We are confident for the production as we know how to save your cost and time to make quick delivery and quality control.

C:We are familiar with Chinese market and suppliers on  their business mode to find the most suitable method to you.

D: We are same dream architect to have the same idea to realize own value to the world.

E; We support trial orders and small quantity as we know big coming from small, dream starting from 0.1.

Our concept:

S-Service for you is our best willing.

M-Meeting of minds is the value we exist

F-Friendship with you is what we cherish most

L-Learning  is the base we can be stronger